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For over 55 years, Expak Logistics has served companies throughout the United States by providing reliable, cost-effective distribution and recurring delivery solutions.

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With a focus on meeting our client’s unique requirements, we create adaptable, low-cost distribution services that help maximize output, reduce expenses, minimize disruption, and simplify the supply chain.

Whether your company would benefit from later pick-up times, dependable and consistent delivery windows, improved supply chain visibility, cost savings achieved through pool distribution, or otherwise, Expak develops custom distribution solutions. We’re fully focused on improving your supply chain while minimizing disruption and distraction to your personnel.

Pool distribution

Pool distribution is a cost-saving logistics strategy that consolidates various shipments from a single shipper destined for the same region, allowing them to be transported in a single truck for the bulk of their journey (the ‘middle mile’). At a regional terminal or pool point facility, the consolidated shipment is broken down into individual loads for ‘final mile’ delivery.

Depending on your delivery concentration within a specific region, pool distribution can potentially offer significant cost savings and considerably improved reliability over traditional less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. When properly executed, pool distribution should result in reduced shipping times, less handling of your products, and proper visibility regarding shipping status. Let Expak assess your shipping needs and explore pool distribution options with you. Learn more about pool distribution.

Last mile delivery

Last mile delivery is the final stage of the delivery process, where a package is transported from a distribution hub to its final destination. As the last link in the outbound distribution chain, last mile delivery can leave a lasting impression on customers, whether service is good or bad. Expak is here to ensure your goods arrive on time and your business is remembered for punctual, personable service. Our cost-competitive last mile delivery solutions should keep both you and your customers happy. Learn more about last mile delivery.

Milk runs

A “milk run” is a regularly scheduled delivery that works well when shipping high-volume goods at a consistent cadence to multiple, repeat destinations. The distinctive name comes from the dairy industry, where milk carriers would make collections and deliveries that would consistently follow the same route. Would a milk run delivery strategy make sense for your business? Let Expak explore your opinions.

Parcel Distribution

Numerous businesses depend on prompt parcel delivery, ensuring next-day and even same-day arrival of goods in customers’ hands. Why choose a partner like Expak instead of one of the national regional parcel carriers? Regional parcel distributors frequently excel in flexibility, cost-effectiveness, responsiveness, and accountability compared to their larger counterparts. Offering customized, transparent pricing, more specific delivery schedules, and bespoke technology solutions, Expak effectively addresses your B2B parcel delivery needs. Learn more about parcel distribution.

Pallet distribution

Pallets are a ubiquitous, versatile, and durable building block of the regional distribution landscape. Whether short or long haul, we can ensure your pallet shipments reliably get to their destination securely and on time. We can deliver full pallets to your customers, break pallet loads down on site if needed, and then remove used pallets and associated packaging, leaving your customers with only the goods they need.

Reverse logistics services

Returns have always been part of the logistics landscape. The reverse supply chain makes sense for several reasons, from providing better customer service to capturing the value in unsold goods or ensuring their proper disposal. Expak can streamline this aspect of your  logistics operations through “reverse pool distribution”, collecting and consolidating products from multiple locations into more cost-efficient, pooled shipments back to centralized distribution centers or other centralized locations. Learn more about reverse logistics services.

Dedicated Fleet Services

Dedicated delivery fleet management is a core competency at Expak. We specialize in providing our partners with dedicated fleet services that save time and money, streamline operations, and free you from the hassles of managing your fleet. By letting us handle all your transportation needs, you can focus on growing your business without worrying about late or inaccurate deliveries. Learn more about our dedicated fleet management

Industry Specific
Distribution Services

Pharmaceutical distribution

Pharmaceutical distribution is one area of the supply chain landscape where the chain of custody is truly tested, a crucial process we detail in our exploration of maintaining the retail pharmacy chain of custody. Pharmaceuticals can be targeted for theft and counterfeiting, and even an “honest mistake” can have significant consequences if pharmaceuticals in transit can’t be accounted for. From verifiably secure to real-time GPS tracking of pharmaceuticals in transit, our properly documented processes are designed to give you peace of mind. Learn more about pharmaceutical distribution.

Retail pool distribution

Retail pool distribution is an efficient and cost-effective way to ship goods to retail customers within a defined geographic area. Pool distribution consolidates your shipments for the majority of their journey. Once the pooled shipment reaches a regional distribution center, it’s split into loads for individual customers and sent out for “final mile” delivery. This retail distribution strategy makes sense for suppliers dealing in high-volume goods that need to be delivered to numerous locations within a region. Learn more about retail pool distribution.

Auto parts distribution

Whether you’re an auto parts store or a repair shop, the pressure to have the right auto parts available to meet your customers’ needs is high. Same-day and next-day auto courier services are essential for getting the right part to the right place on time. Our auto parts delivery solutions can be tailored to your business needs, with consistent delivery schedules and proven expertise in dealing with all auto parts shipping and freight requirements. In the auto business, you know that if you can’t deliver service promptly, customers will go elsewhere. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Read about auto parts distribution.

Library logistics

Digital media has not dampened the public’s thirst for reading material in physical formats, and today’s technology makes it easier than ever for library patrons to request interlibrary loans. As a result, the nation’s libraries have millions of books in transit at any given time. Our comprehensive library solutions include library-specific web-based technology for labels, tracking, and reporting. We support inter-library loans within library networks and provide trusted and dependable library courier services for local, regional, and statewide library systems across the United States. Learn more about library logistics.

Why Choose Expak Logistics

Sustainable logistics

Ambitious sustainability goals are increasingly part of the business landscape. The supply chain is under the microscope as a significant cause of carbon emissions and other environmental challenges. To delve deeper into our efforts in packaging and shipping for sustainability, explore our detailed blog on supply chain sustainable logistics. Whether you’ve set your own sustainability goals or you’re expected to meet the corporate expectations of the businesses you supply, solutions are available. At Expak, we make carbon-neutral shipping easier to achieve by matching businesses with carbon emission offset initiatives. Learn more about our sustainable solutions.

Transportation management system (TMS)

Expak’s transportation management systems (TMS), collectively known as the Expak Performance Suite (EPS), help ensure a secure, timely, and trackable chain of custody for your goods, so you can meet your KPIs consistently, with the confidence that comes from 99.9% tracking accuracy. ExpakShip™ is a web-based tool for creating, labeling, and tracking shipments, with customizable analytics and much more. ExpakConnect™ is a complete EDI solution facilitating effortless connections between carriers, clients, 3PLs, and other systems across the logistics chain. Learn more about transportation management systems.

A Customer Centric Approach to Distribution Services

When switching to Expak Logistics, our customers benefit from:

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A national ground and air pool distribution network covering the entire United States providing later pick up times and same day/next day deliveries, and greater efficiencies achieved by implementing appropriate pool distribution strategies.

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Customized pricing options with no hidden surcharges, including flat rate per stop and multi-piece distribution, to provide you with the information to easily manage your logistics and delivery budget.

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Technology solutions leveraging both off-the-shelf systems and customized solutions, including our ExpakShip and ExpakConnect proprietary software packages, to provide the integration and visibility that meet the needs of each individual client.

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Security systems and procedures, including GPS-monitoring, video surveillance, seals, locks, cages, variable routing, background checks ensuring a secure chain of custody from pick-up through delivery for your high-value products.

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Expak Logistics’ 24/7 customer service team is cross-trained on each client’s specific needs and workflow. Our customer service technology solutions ensure each customer service representative has immediate access to each customer’s SOPs, route schedule, contact information, and more to respond quickly and accurately to any service issues.

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Our proactive approach to service focuses on eliminating distractions and providing customers clear expectations and reliability. If your business relies on small parcel shipping, dependable regional distribution, or recurring deliveries, call Expak Logistics today!

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