Our Approach

At Expak Logistics, our process starts with an embedded, proactive corporate culture. Our job is to identify and implement solutions, and not to dwell on the problems.

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Expak’s four stages of continuity are followed at all levels of our company and set the standard by which we approach all elements of our service offering.

For our customers, this translates into the following benefits:

  • No Shortcuts
  • Automatic Recurring Processes
  • Analytics
  • Continuous Improvement


We Do Our Homework

Expak takes a proactive, “trust but verify”, approach to on-boarding all new business ensuring we identify and resolve potential issues before our customers feel the adverse effects.

Logistics Automation

While good people are critical to an effective supply chain, we look to automate wherever possible and establish and document procedural discipline to eliminate avoidable human error. We understand issues may occur, our goal is to “control the controllables” and ensure we solve each problem correctly the first time.

Logistics Analysis

Expak develops and implements technology to meet a customer’s particular needs and provide the visibility we need to ensure your packages are delivered timely and securely. Our systems and data backbone provides the facts we need to maximize supply chain efficiency.

Continuous Improvement

Time doesn’t stand still and neither do our customers. The above procedures and an objective mindset allows Expak to identify areas for improvement and efficiencies.

Expak’s approach ultimately gives you

The Supply Chain Partner You Deserve

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Sized Right For You

Expak Logistics is a small parcel expert with large volume scale. Since 1966, Expak has been a leader in low cost, flexible, customer-centric solutions for fixed route and dedicated fleet parcel and small package distribution and delivery. We adapt our approach to meet our client’s needs, not the other way around.

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Coast to Coast

Expak Logistics operational footprint covers the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Whether your needs are intra-state, regional or all across America, we have the established facilities and fleet to get your products securely from A to B on time.

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Peace of Mind

Expak’s solution-oriented culture exists to bear the burden of our customers’ supply chain issues and establish disciplined and attainable protocols to eliminate avoidable issues and problems. Our customers have many jobs to do, and over-seeing an outsourced supply chain shouldn’t be one of them. At Expak, it is critical that we transition and manage our customer’s processes with minimal to no impact on their operations. We make change easy so our clients can get on with growing their businesses with confidence.

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The Best Value

At the end of the day, it starts and ends with price. Expak Logistics understands that to make our customers successful, we need to deliver services at or below their budgets. Our scalable infrastructure and efficient operating model allows us to pass through savings to our customers. The result is a competitive price with unparalleled service in the industry.

With the Expak Logistics supply chain solution, the result is better workflow visibility, reduction or elimination of errors and, most importantly, freedom and peace of mind for our clients to focus their efforts on their core business.

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