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Expak’s transportation management systems (the Expak Performance Suite or “EPS”) are in place first and foremost to ensure a secure and timely chain of custody for our client’s goods. EPS’s foundation is focused on three central principles: Effective Communication, Business Intelligence, System Innovation. Our core EPS products, ExpakShip™ and ExpakConnect™ are built upon this premise.

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ExpakShip is a web-based, client-facing tool utilized to create, label, and track shipments, update shipment statuses, view customizable analytics and reporting, manage and audit invoices and more. Fundamentally, ExpakShip’s customization is designed to support everything you need and nothing you don’t for managing your shipments. ExpakShip provides settlement capabilities for drivers, carriers, and customers. The workflow is simplified by handling settlement tasks where the data sits or it can be exported to any accounting system. ExpakShip can integrate into any existing infrastructure, or you can run in our cloud deployments that reduce the need for any infrastructure or technology requirements. ExpakShip operates seamlessly from any browser or device. ExpakShip’s robust framework allows for full operations visibility.

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ExpakConnect is Expak Logistics’ complete EDI solution, allowing to connect effortlessly carrier, client, 3PL and/or other required systems together over the entire logistics chain. ExpakConnect offers a fully customizable integration format to meet your current technology requirements. ExpakConnect can manage every piece of data from your shipping partners electronically via Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), AS2, as well as proprietary B2B data interchange methods. Data transfers can be in real-time, sequenced or processed as batch updates. ExpakConnect can pull files from any system: Email, FTP, SFTP, API, VANs, etc. This translates into Expak being able to manage both inbound and outbound integrations for your supply chain data with ease. Whether a client requires the granularity of piece-level status event updates, a simple proof of delivery notifications and even e-signature images, ExpakConnect provides the connectivity to deliver the clear, real-time electronic communications you need to run your business effectively, regardless of the players and/or systems involved in the process. ExpakConnect gives you the seamless integration and the reliable, enterprise-ready application you need to support your supply chain.

Effective Communication

With ExpakShip™, customers engage with a user interface that provides a logical, straight-forward workflow to get the information needed. With ExpakConnect™, clients receive market differentiation by empowering them with connectivity to any end-point regardless of the system and/or type of data file.

Business Intelligence

From on-time delivery, days in transit, downstream impacts, proof of deliveries and more, clear and consistent reporting allows us to identify issues promptly and develop a proactive mindset for addressing unforeseen deficiencies in the supply chain.

System Innovation

A great logistics partner will proactively make investments in continuous innovation to exceed client expectations. Whether your supply chain utilizes ExpakShip™ or ExpakConnect™, continuous innovation is the standard.

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