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In today’s competitive retail environment where brick and mortar businesses are under siege from dominant online retailers, efficient retail logistics management, and retail pool distribution and dedicated fleet services are an ever more vital component of customer acquisition and retention. In this changing industry, retail operations, especially traditional companies that operate out of physical stores, are having a hard time redefining their supply chain logistics to meet the needs of the current market.

At Expak we understand that surviving and even thriving in the retail industry is no easy task. The nearly infinite product availability from multiple online product providers has all but forced retailers of all sizes to shrewdly manage inventory levels and to implement a replenishment and customer delivery strategy that is both incredibly fast and cost-competitive with e-commerce companies. This places significant demands on retail logistics operations.

Retail Logistics That Support Your Distribution Strategy

Expak Logistics’ suite of retail logistics management services serves as a critical support mechanism to complement any companies’ broader distribution strategy. If your retail business is struggling with supply chain problems while trying to keep up in a changing world of supply chain management and next day delivery, Expak can serve as your retail logistics partner, coordinating delivery to be more reliable, predictable, and cost-effective.

Retail Logistics Services That Keep You Competitive

Whether you need to replenish inventory, have online orders delivered for in-store pickup, or coordinate local delivery for last mile delivery to the end customer, our retail logistics distribution network will improve your operations and allow you to be competitive in the retail market. We can also assist you in developing new strategies that will help you stay relevant in a market of both online and brick and mortar retailers, where efficient delivery and stellar customer service are necessary to survive.

Our retail logistics management services include:

  • Regional overnight delivery from distribution centers to store locations
  • Retail pool distribution and cross docking services
  • Supplier management and consolidation
  • Last mile delivery from store locations, including dedicated fleet availability so products can get to their destination fast
  • TMS and WMS connectivity to streamline supply chain operations

Our existing retail logistics network serves retail distribution centers and stores across the entire U.S.
We can provide regional overnight distribution covering your entire retail network, and help coordinate efficient delivery between warehouses and various store locations. Expak Logistics is available 365 days of the year for customized routes and pick-up and drop-off times.

When it comes to the world of retail logistics solutions, we know that great customer service can make all the difference. That’s why we employ a 24/7 customer service team to take your experience to the next level. Our dedicated group of logistics professionals can help you fix any of your supply chain problems and answer any questions and concerns that might arise along the way. Are you wondering when a certain shipment will arrive? Or do you have questions about a cost-effective way to get your products to companies faster?

Here at Expak, we understand that being successful in the retail business requires supply chain agility and a keen eye for customer service. Sometimes that means redefining your logistics operations to stay relevant to the demands of the market. Regardless of your distribution strategy, Expak is committed to helping you succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. Please contact us today and let us tailor a retail logistics management solution around your needs.

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