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For over fifty years, Expak Logistics has been leading the way in pharmaceutical delivery and medical supply logistic solutions. With our unparalleled level of experience in pharmaceutical delivery distribution throughout the United States, we are uniquely qualified to provide customized medical logistic solutions that secure your valuable and time-sensitive products, and ultimately get your pharmaceutical deliveries to your customers on time.

  • Expedited pharmaceutical courier services
  • Over-the-counter pharmaceutical delivery
  • Shipping pharmaceuticals by air
  • Hospital and health care services pharmaceutical delivery services
  • Pharmacy delivery of supplies, samples, tools and medical equipment
  • Same-day return of C-2 forms
  • Next-day pharmacy delivery of empty totes and return items
  • Last mile direct pharmaceutical delivery to long-term care facilities, residences and other direct consumer endpoints

We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on a schedule that fits every need of your supply chain. But we don’t stop there. We have one of the best customer service teams in the business. Expak is here whenever you need us to help elevate your healthcare logistics to the next level.

Your Partner in Healthcare Logistics

As a leading health care and pharmaceutical supply chain company, we do much more than just move your pharmaceutical, medical and health products from point A to point B. We offer comprehensive medical logistics solutions designed to minimize your involvement in managing transportation, pharmaceutical delivery, and warehousing and fulfillment issues. We help you get back to working on your core business tasks while we take care of logistics. This includes operating a nationwide network of scheduled delivery routes – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – so you can:

  • Improve product delivery times
  • Avoid inventory stockouts
  • Increase responsiveness to your customers
  • Have peace of mind to focus your time on your core business

As your pharmaceutical delivery provider, we offer flexible pickup and delivery schedules custom-tailored to meet your needs. Our GPS monitoring ensures your valuable products are tracked for constant security and on-time delivery. Here at Expak, we are committed to providing customers with a proactive, solution-oriented approach to your pharmaceutical deliveries. Additionally, our sophisticated analytic tools provide timely, accurate shipment and delivery data to help us continuously evaluate methods that improve your pharmaceutical supply chain and keep costs low. This means you’ll have a lot more time to focus on improving and growing your business while we handle the transportation management and healthcare logistics solutions.

End-to-End Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security

Expak is intimately familiar with the comprehensive security requirements expected when carrying out pharmaceutical deliveries. To prevent loss, we have developed a detailed security audit process before engaging any providers. All employees that touch the pharmaceutical supply chain are trained to ensure total compliance. This, in turn, is followed by a thorough documentation of all procedures for the client.

Our security measures, which also help minimize the cost of insurance coverage, include:

  • GPS monitoring
  • Random security audits of vehicles and facilities
  • Warehouse video surveillance and overnight cage storage
  • Customized security measures designed to minimize exposure on multiple fronts
  • Locks, seals and security escorts for high value movements
  • Backup trucks and drivers

Customer Service the Way It's Supposed to Be

We believe that providing effective logistics service starts with understanding a business and the industry it works in. When it comes to pharmacy delivery services, we aim to grasp all the little details about how your business works and then apply our knowledge to improve parts of your healthcare logistics process that can be streamlined while also elevating the elements that are highly effective.

Our process of detailed documentation and communication helps our employees confidently tackle the logistics of pharmaceutical delivery. And when a situation arises, we can efficiently address the problem and figure out a solution before it gets out of hand.

You can depend on our 24/7 call center staff, who are trained to know all the little details on how your business works. Anytime you have a problem or concern, or even just need a little guidance, we’ll be there to help you. We’re staffed throughout the day and night, and even on holidays. Expak is here for you!

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