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Expak Logistics manages library courier programs for local, regional, and statewide library systems across the United States, overseeing millions of library transfers and interlibrary loan shipments each year. With lots of valuable library property moving around every day, libraries need a library delivery service partner they can trust with shipping books. Whether your library network has 5 or 500 members, Expak Logistics has the route infrastructure and sorting facilities to move your books and other materials where they need to go securely and efficiently.

Our library delivery services also include inter-library loan (ILL) management for those library networks that may extend resource sharing to include other adjacent partner library networks. Our ILL services promote and enhance broader resource sharing, clearer visibility of shared interlibrary loan assets, and more cost-effective delivery of inter-library loan materials. Our ILL library courier program is easily customized to meet the specific interlibrary loan service needs of a network or group of library networks and help make the whole interlibrary loan process more transparent and less complicated.

Expak has a proven history of improving library delivery transit times, while also reducing losses, meeting budgets, and most importantly, satisfying the needs of our clients. Our library delivery service team consists of a dedicated group of logistics professionals that are trained in all aspects of library delivery, including an around-the-clock customer service team available to help you with any problems that may arise. We operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, on a schedule that fits your needs.

Your Partner in Library Delivery

As the leading library courier services provider in the industry, Expak Logistics does much more than simply moving your books and other library items from A to B. We offer comprehensive 3PL logistic management solutions, designed to minimize your involvement in the inevitable challenges associated with managing a complex sortation operation and all of its subsequent deliveries. This means you no longer have to worry about a shipment. These solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Predictable, consistent schedules and improved library delivery transit times
  • Library-specific, web-based technology with simple user interface to create labels, track shipments and view custom reports
  • Simple, straight-forward library logistics pricing that meets your budget
  • A dependable, organized and continuously improving interlibrary loan service process that frees library personnel to service their patrons with confidence


Technology Created to Support Library Systems

Expak’s proprietary ExpakShip software platform has modules specifically developed to improve library courier workflows, and provide the information libraries and their patrons need. It’s easy to use, and provides a simple way to manage and keep track of interlibrary loan shipments. The ExpakShip application provides:

  • Users with a web-based platform that runs on any browser and requires no download, no installs, and no special permissions
  • Quick and simple order creation with all possible destinations pre-programmed in your customized system
  • Batch, bar-coded label printing that is configured for both standard and thermal printing
  • Labels are clearly marked with hub and route codes to facilitate the sortation process and minimize errors
  • Custom fields available to provide additional order and inventory details, notes for recipient, etc.
  • Shipment tracking, including visibility of pick-up and delivery times when orders are created, and real-time validation when library delivery is completed.
  • Customizable reporting allows libraries to evaluate volumes, time in transit, demand, and more.

Expak’s one-of-a-kind library courier solutions provide better workflow visibility, reduction or elimination of errors, and peace of mind for our clients, freeing up their schedules so they can focus their efforts on the core needs of the organization. We take over all the work that goes into managing your library supply chain and shipping books, meaning that you’ll have more time to manage other crucial parts of the library system.

Customer Service the Way It's Supposed to Be

Expak is dedicated to delivering the best solution for your interlibrary loan service delivery needs. We put in the time to really understand the details of how your organization functions, figure out efficiencies and inefficiencies by diving into your workflow and analyzing the best ways to get your shipments from A to B. This allows us to improve on elements while elevating the parts of your supply chain that are currently effective and could work even better.

The way we accomplish this is with detailed documentation of every element of the supply chain, including communication between employees, which means our employees always fully understand their roles and responsibilities. Our exhaustive documentation process allows our stellar customer service team to have access to everything they need, including parking and facility instructions, contact information, all daily schedules and site addresses, and anything else they might need to improve your supply chain. When an issue arises, our team is trained to verify exactly what the problem is. If an unforeseen issue is identified, our customer service team has the resources and visibility for swift, effective problem-solving.

As part of our commitment, we immediately address any issues or problems. We understand that library deliveries typically operate on a set schedule and we work to accommodate that schedule by operating at times that work best for your library system. We staff our 24/7 call center with experienced account personnel who are fully trained to know the ins and outs of your library network.

Do you have questions about our network or what time frame our library deliveries operate on? Or are you wondering about how to do accomplish a task on the software platform? No matter whether it’s day or night, holidays or weekends, our team is there for you, ready to answer your questions and solve problems whenever they arise. We’re there when you need us!

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