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Loss Prevention Management and the Chain of Custody

Expak Logistics is one of the most trusted third-party logistics (3PL) providers in the country, and our 3PL capabilities provide additional value and extra security where other delivery services fall short.

Chain of Custody and Loss Prevention Management

Our chain of custody protocol and loss prevention management are two key areas that help us support exceptional and reliable results for our customers. With industry-leading technology, disciplined delivery strategies and strong security systems in place, Expak Logistics is a preferred logistics provider for a wide variety of industries and business sectors.  It all starts with our proven chain of custody structure, while our loss prevention methods help ensure more consistent, dependable and secure delivery services.

From a consumer or end-point destination perspective, fast shipping times are expected. But what about security? Expak Logistics utilizes some of the most stringent chain of custody and loss prevention management methods to ensure your parcels and packages are not just delivered swiftly, but also securely.

Chain of Custody

For high value shipments, security is just as critical as speed. With a highly adaptive, always alert chain of custody in place, Expak Logistics delivers on our promise of streamlined, swift and secure parcel management. Our chain of custody is the starting point for all of our logistics management services.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Fortunately for Expak Logistics customers, our chain of custody is strong enough to ensure system-wide efficiency – and flexible enough to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

Here are the key “links” that comprise our chain of custody:

The more carefully planned chain of custody system is nothing without a dependable, proven loss prevention system. Expak Logistics started as a trusted logistics service for high-value pharmaceutical shipments, and that same attention to detail continues to this day with every industry we serve.

Our loss prevention strategy includes:

Expak Logistics has the chain of custody protocols in place and loss prevention strategy to help ensure satisfied customers, on-time deliveries and secure parcel management. Check out our proven approach to learn more. If you’d like to find out how Expak Logistics can enhance your delivery or warehousing needs, please visit our contact page to fill out a secure customer contact form, or call our chain of custody consultants directly at 424-320-5300.

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