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Offsetting our Carbon Footprint

Expak Logistics’ commitment to service extends to our community as a whole, which is why we continue to work with our clients to expand our carbon offset program. 

Over the years, Expak has partnered with Dot Neutral. This organization matches businesses with carbon emission offset initiatives, including reforestation, renewable energy such as solar and wind energy, capturing harmful gases, and more. Expak invests in a series of projects that reduces or negates the amount of CO2 released into the environment each time a package is shipped.

Concurrent with our Mission Statement, Expak is determined to create overall value across all stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, vendor partners, and our surrounding community. 

How it works

We evaluate the following criteria to reasonably estimate the CO2 emissions generated (in kg) for each delivery:

In partnership with our clients, Expak will invest in an equivalent value of green energy initiative(s) to offset our CO2 footprint.


Expak is committed to positively influencing our community by offsetting over a million pounds of carbon emissions. Learn how you can partner with Expak today to ensure your packages are delivered on time and that you’re boosting your social responsibility efforts along the way. 

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